NEC DSX-40 / DSX-80 / DSX-160 / IntraMail

DSX from NEC takes the lead with state-of-the-art innovations sure to make your business communications more efficient, profitable, and enjoyable.

NEC designed the DSX from the ground up with affordability in mind. Economy per port is maximized by high-density circuitry. Native support for T1 and ISDN PRI provides maximum connectivity for low initial investment. Since DSX is simple to install and easy to use, the expenses of configuration, programming, and post-installation training are minimized.

DSX is sized right – starting with the economical DSX-40, progressing to the DSX-80, and reaching maximum system capacity with the DSX-160. To maintain the value of your investment, all the circuitry of a DSX-80 can be migrated to the DSX-160. Even when growing from the DSX-40, your investment in programming, telephones, and other station equipment is retained.

Over a decade of intense feature development ensures that the core DSX call processing features are mature, efficient, and reliable – yet intuitive and easy to use. Combined with end-to-end quality assurance and state-of-the-art circuit design, you are assured that DSX will be your reliable business partner for years to come.

The ability to add voice mail is built into the system and only requires an IntraMail compact flash card to activate. IntraMail is a full-featured Voice Mail Auto Attendant system that will transfer incoming callers and record Voice Mail messages.

Caller ID (CID) capability is built into every DSX system. With CID, you can identify incoming callers before the call is answered. The caller’s name and number (if available) will appear simultaneously in the display.